Welcome to Holbrook Heights

Holbrook Heights is a community of 931 homes built in North Concord in the 1950s. The all-volunteer community association board manages the pool and park for the community's members.

We are conveniently located within walking distance to BART and Concord's bustling downtown.

We also share our neighborhood with Holbrook Language Academy Elementary School.

Please log in so you can browse the entire site and check out all of the features, such as downloading community documents, access to your statement, making a reservation for the Community Room, viewing the photos in the photo gallery.

Please be aware: Any and all community members are urged to register and join the site, however for legal reasons certain areas of the site are only accessible to homeowners. Thank you for your understanding.


Community room and BBQ area reservation system is now open!

Click on the Reservations Tab on the top of the page


The Memorial Day BBQ is back!

What a wonderful day seeing all our neighbors enjoying lunch and each other's company!

The weather was great and the pool was filled with fun and laughter.

A special thank you to all the volunteers that made this day great:

Flavio Campo

Jeanette Green and Emily

Brent and Morgan Herrera

Paul Wood and Raul Landaverde

Barbara and Joe Phelan

Erica and Rex Hoffmann

Keith Herrmann

Alexis Carlson

and our fantastic pool manager Andrew and the awesome STAFF

Pool is Open!

Pool Information is as follows:

The Pool is open daily from  6am to 9pm

Staffed Hours  10am to 9pm

During staffed hours you can get your key card activated, fill out your registration packet and paperwork

Please read the Registration Packet and sign your Key Use Agreement when you register for the pool and have your key card activated. *This is required every year in order for a homeowner to use the pool.

Holbrook Heights Community Association Board

Pool paperwork needs to be filled out each year. You can come by the pool before the season starts to fill out the registration packet and get your key card activated. Please bring your photo ID, utility bill or HOA bill, and your lot # with you.

Holbrook Heights Community Pool is hiring!

Holbrook Heights is looking for
qualified lifeguards for Summer 2022.  Must be at least 16 years old. We will also consider applicants who are not yet certified. Employment application is available here. For further information or to request an application form, contact us at hhcassoc@yahoo.com

Questions and concerns can not be addressed through social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Nextdoor, etc). Homeowners are welcome and invited to address the Board at any regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting, the fourth Tuesday of the month, during open session.
Any immediate questions or concerns regarding the Association are to be directed to our Community Manager:

Mimi Hood, CCAM

Bay Area Property Services (BAPS)

3021 Citrus Circle, Ste 205

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

925.746.0542 ext. 118

925.746.0554 fax



Any questions regarding billing/dues are to be directed to:
The Association Board has decided to move our Financial Management over to Bay Area Property Services. They are currently our Management Company but now they will be taking care of our Financial and Management Services as well.
Going forward you will need to update your assessment payment information. The Association will be using Alliance Bank. Please begin sending your payments to:
Holbrook Heights HOA
HOA Remittance Processing
P O Box 98177
Las Vegas, NV 89193
Please be sure to include your account number (provided on your monthly statement) in order to have your payment properly applied to your account.
If you are set up with auto payments through the prior management company, please cancel them.
You may sign onto the Alliance bank owner website and set up auto payment using the information on your statement. There is no cost in setting up automatic payments when using your bank account information.

Any questions regarding reserving facilities are to be directed to:

Mimi Hood, CCAM

Bay Area Property Services (BAPS)

3021 Citrus Circle, Ste 205

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

925.746.0542 ext. 118

925.746.0554 fax


Download and print your pool packet from this link ---> POOL