Welcome to Holbrook Heights

Holbrook Heights is a community of 931 homes built in North Concord in the 1950s. The all-volunteer community association board manages the pool and park for the community's members.

We are conveniently located within walking distance to BART and Concord's bustling downtown.

We also share our neighborhood with Holbrook Language Academy Elementary School.

Please log in so you can browse the entire site and check out all of the features, such as downloading community documents, access to your statement, making a reservation for the Community Room, viewing the photos in the photo gallery.

Please be aware: Any and all community members are urged to register and join the site, however for legal reasons certain areas of the site are only accessible to homeowners. Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking for volunteers for the Annual Memorial Day BBQ. Click here to sign up!

Pool registration is open and can be done at the pool Saturday/Sundays from 1pm-6pm every weekend until Memorial Day and Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm.

Any questions regarding the Association are to be directed to our Community Manager:

Tony Khani
Bay Area Property Services
925-746-0542, ext. 126

Any questions regarding billing/dues are to be directed to:

HOA Accounting Services
View your account: Member Login HOA Accounting Services

Any questions regarding reserving facilities are to be directed to:

Mivy Clark
Make a reservation now: Click Here to Book Now

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Upcoming Events
Monday, May 27, 2019
  Memorial Day


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